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Weight Loss Stories

Hear firsthand how PCW Weight Loss program is different from other diets and programs.

Weight Loss Stories

Hear firsthand how PCW Weight Loss program is different from other diets and programs.

They Did It, So Can You

Inspiring Weight Loss Stories

We’ve all heard the success stories before but still had doubt when it comes to starting down a new path to a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few of ours so that you can see just how different we are!

  • Barb Before & After

Barb M.’s Story

Meet Barbara and read about her amazing, jaw-dropping journey. We are so honored to be part of her story of transforming her life. She started our program in Jan of 2018 and has already lost 77 pounds!

  • Doyle Before & After

Doyle’s Story

Doyle has completely changed his diet and is a workout warrior. He now wears pants with a 38-inch waistline and shirts size XL. And, he has shed 180 pounds and dropped his weight to 230.

  • Connie Before & After

Connie’s Story

Connie lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks with PCW and has already reduced her diabetes medication.

  • Carol Before & After

Carol B.’s Story

Carol started the PCW program January 19, 2018, and has lost over 40 pounds! Carol is a true example of the saying "you are never too old to learn new things and improve your health." What an amazing transformation Carol is going through.

  • Jamie Before & After

Jamie V.’s Story

Jamie V. has lost 115 pounds in ONLY 10 months! Jamie has made getting healthy a priority in her life. Not only does she work but has a family, too. Jamie is an inspiration to others with her weight loss and keeping a positive attitude.

Dianna’s Story

In 18 months Dianna has lost 171 pounds, regained her Independence, improved her life and decreased her medication.

  • Tracy Before & After

Tracy’s Story

"I share my story anytime someone asks how I did it, so much so that people that are around me the most get tired of hearing it. Thank you, thanks to everyone at Physicians Choice Wellness."

  • Michelle Before & After

Michelle’s Story

After just four and a half months with PCW, Michelle lost 72 pounds and has more energy, no body aches and pains, and no hot flashes.

Not just “that Liquid Diet”

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