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Barb M.’s Story

Barb M

Barb started our program in Jan of 2018 and has already lost 77 pounds

WOW!!!!! Meet Barbara and read about her amazing, jaw-dropping journey. We are so honored to be part of her story of transforming her life. She started our program in Jan of 2018 and has already lost 77 pounds!

Prior to joining PCW, I was on multiple medications. So many that I carried them around in a plastic grocery bag. Someone gave me a leather pouch to carry all my meds around; this afforded me to be a little more stylish. Even though I have not reached my goal, I have been reduced to only two meds. One of which is a blood pressure. I happy to say the dosage has been reduced by half. My doctor said if I continue to lose weight, I would possibly no longer have to take this medication after having to take it for so many years. I was on oral and topical medication for pain; they are no longer necessary. Surprisingly, I no longer take allergy medications either because I do not need them. I am not sure why my allergies improved.

I existed in chronic pain for some years. I had pain all over my body, particularly my lower back, sciatica in my left hip, and chronic pain in my right need. The doctors were talking knee replacement. I am thankful to say, that I am once again living without pain. I am more mobile and experiencing a better quality of life. I can stand and walk longer without being out of breath. I am walking up and down stairs with considerably less pain. After losing weight, I actually had to build the capacity again to walk up and down stairs without fear of falling after having weak and painful legs. I am tackling steps these days with confidence. I had lost a considerable amount of range in my right knee. At one point, I had 44% kidney failure. My kidneys are functioning in the normal range. My last visit to the doctor, she told me that I had gained 95% range in my right knee. Talking about a happy camper! At one time, I thought I would become immobile. I started water aerobics in May 2018 with pain; I am currently pain-free in the water. I plan to start Yoga the day after labor in addition to water aerobics.

First and foremost, PCW has caring, knowledgeable, and supportive staff. I learn in a community with others who share similar struggles that I have. PCW staff provide awesome information on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset. They even do cooking classes, share samples, and recipes! Imagine that! Other members share information as we wait to weigh; I find this beneficial as well. And we encourage each other. The staff at PCW are always encouraging. I have never been made to feel like a failure even when I have not been “perfect.” I am coached to get back on track. And by the way, the food is good too. If you get something you do not like, you can swap it! I able to down a 33 oz. bottle without even thinking- about five of these a day. I conscientious about what I eat and I read labels on everything before I eat it. Huge for me.

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*Physician’s Choice Wellness does not guarantee weight loss results. Program results may vary. Patients typically lose 1-2 lbs per week on average during the course of our programs. Please consult with your physician before starting any weight loss program.

Weight Loss Stories

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